Organisation : Partnership concern

  1. Mr. S.K. Bose – Bsc
  2. Mr. G. Nandy – Bsc.

Experience : Mr. S.K. Bose was associated with M/s. Beardsell Ltd. Since 1984 in their execution team and have handled in-situ PUF jobs for mobile road and rail tanker for M/s. Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd., under the consultancy of M/s. Udhe (I) Ltd.

Major Projects Handled:

  1. M/s. Inox Air Products Ltd., 130 TPD Oxygen plant at Nagpur – Rs. 12 Lakhs.
  2. M/s. Hydrogas PLG India P.Ltd., Liquid Co2 plant at Vadodara – Rs. 24 Lakhs.
  3. M/s. Aegis Logistics Ltd., LPG Bottling plant at Mahul, Mumbai. Roof Spray Insulation of 3 Nos. 5000KL capacity chemical tanks.
  4. M/s. Nestle India Ltd., Goa, Roof Spray Insulation – 7000 Sq. Meter.
  5. M/s. Ispat Industries Ltd., 100 TPD Oxygen plant at Dolvi, Dist. Raigad – Rs. 15 Lakhs
  6. M/s. Telco Ltd., Jamshedpur, Roof Spray Insulation – 4000 Sq. Meter.
  7. Project in Execution:- M/s. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, Hyderabad Rs. 210 Lakhs.

Experience : Mr. G. Nandy as a project execution in-charge for 10 years, has got wide experience in overhauling of PUF machineries, technique of spray, injection, handling crisis & trouble shooting situations etc.

Major Projects Handled:-

  1. M/s. BOC India Limited, Taloja & Tarapur.
  2. M/s. Praxair Carbon Dioxide Ltd., Liquid Co2 plant at Mangalore
  3. M/s. Grand Hotel, Kolkata – Over deck roof spray Insulation
  4. M/s. Inox Air Products Ltd., 100 TPD Oxygen plant at Noida & Pondicherry
  5. M/s. Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd., Jamnagar – Roof Spray Insulation
  6. M/s. Visu Vias, Kolkata – Roof Spray Insulation
  7. M/s. Jain Irrigation Ltd., Spray Insulation for Cold Storage Wall
  8. Power Station, Chattisgrah – Roof Spray Insulation

Project in Execution:- M/s. IDMC Limited, Anand, Gujarat

Project in Execution:- M/s. Praj Industries Limited, Pune

Mr. G. Nandy heads a team of dedicated, hard working, trained personnels capable of meeting any challenge in application of PUF in-situ application. Every member of the team are trained and know their job. They are through professionals in their trade and do not leave anything to chance.


  1. FF 1600 PUF dispensing machine with latest GX-7 Gun – 7 Nos.
  2. 7.5 HP Air Compressor with air hoses – 7 Nos.
  3. Grooving machine – 6 Nos.
  4. Rolling machine – 5 Nos.
  5. Spares – Adequate.

Our strong point lies that we are fully conversant with the machineries available with us and have indigenously developed many of the critical spares in India and do not have to depend on imported spares and components.

In the event of a trouble shooting Mr. G. Nandy who are expert personally supervise the operation at site and confidently with all technical competence rectifies and brings back the machinery system back to operation at the earliest time without losing precious man hours keeping to the clients schedules.

The organization has a workshop with full-fledged tools and tackles to take care of preventive maintenances and overhauls during regular intervals between projects.


The team of workmen follows all the mandatory requirements of industrial safety and hazard of operation and handling these chemicals, used for PUF system. The proper education and training is imparted before the team leaves for site jobs. They are provided with all safety precautionary implements like hand gloves, masks, gumboots, helmets, safety belts and safety goggles etc.

Project management:-

Maintaining updated data from project consultant or engineering department of client, keeping updated drawing along with relevant specification and revision maintaining relevant files for drawing, communication, specification of material issue, purchase and receipts at stores.

Stock and store materials as per requirements, provide handling and stores instructions to stores supervisor, lay down work procedure.

Identify disposable waste, which are hazardous and take adequate measures and precautions to dispose the same from operation area with the consultation of client’s engineers and engineering consultant.
Maintain quality record.

Maintain and adopt a quality level well above the prescribed limits as per engg. standard. Refer to specification & measurement.

Organization Chart:-

Integrated Policy

(Quality, Health Safety & Environment)

We are committed to quality, health safety at workplace, protect environment and total customer satisfaction through,

Timely supply of services meeting pollution control norms by adopting methodology of continual improvement.
Establish and implement quality, health safety and environmental objectives.

Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and other quality, health safety and environmental requirements.
Aim to eliminate work-related illness and injury resulting from our operations.

Conserve natural recourse and energy by minimizing consumption and wastage and use eco-friendly waste disposal practice.

Ensure personnel and contractors have the necessary information, training and supervision to meet regulatory requirements.

Ensure this policy is periodically reviewed so that it remains relevant and appropriate.

We will demonstrate these commitments by meeting the requirements of Quality, Health Safety & Environment.


Company Objectives:-



Verifiable indicator

Human Resource (Quality)

Every Year Minimum 12 hours training on operation & system, on job safety related training would be provided to each employee.

Training record

Management, MR (Quality)

Conduct minimum 1 Internal Quality audit every year to check better implementation of customer satisfaction and overall growth of the company through Quality Management System.

Internal Audit Report, Customer feedback analysis

Site (Health & safety Aspect)

Prevent accident incident & near misses at site to by better implementation, training, monitoring.

Hazard Identification, Training, Mock drill, Safety Meeting, Internal Audit, Management Review Meeting

Site (Environmental Aspects)

Monitoring of spillage, pollution, waste to prevent the environmental pollution.

Incident report

Personal Competence Matrix:-

Sr. No.


Work Scope

Qualifications and experience

Skills Required


Operation Manager

Production planning/ Execution

B.E. Mech. Engineer, DCE Min 10 years

Good Technical knowledge, Good managerial skill


Manager operation/consultant

Monitoring project status, decision taking on technical matter

B.E. Graduate, Min 5 years


Technician, Quality In-charge

Site Supervision all over activity, quality Inspection

Graduate Min 5 years Experience

Good Technical knowledge, Good managerial skill




Graduate Min 2 years

Good communication skill, Supervision


Admin Legal Manager

Maintaining & submission legal requirements as per Indian act & rules to the Govt.

Graduate, 5 Years

well known legal acts & rules as per Govt.

We are training provide to staff Every Project:-

Sr. No.

Induction training

Who should attain



Role based training programs

Process Owners

MR, Management


Company policy

All Employee

MR, Management


Site safety conditions including PPE, Emergency response.

Site Staff

Safety Officer


Q M S Awareness Training

All Employee



On the Job Training

supervisor, worker

Proj. Manager


Quality, Environment, health & safety training

All Dept. in charge



Environmental Aspect & Impact

MR, safety Officer, Supervisor

MR, safety Officer


Hazard & risk identification on activity

MR, safety Officer, Supervisor

MR, safety Officer


Process Related Training

All Employee

Proj. Manager


Material Movement & safety precaution

Site Staff

Site in charge


Use of personal protective equipment

Site staff

Safety officer


Record Keeping

All employee